We, humans, are usually reactive, not proactive. Our reactions to the outside world are based on our beliefs, thoughts, experiences, emotions and values, just to name a few! Yet one of the most important mental pictures, basically guiding us through our subjective reality, is the Self-image. Who am I? How to define my past-self (or present-self)? What makes me “Me”? Interesting fact: not everything we believe about ourselves is accurate.

It could be hard to navigate through daily challenges with a limited view about yourself. Am I good enough? Why I just snapped? Why I want what I want? Why is this person extremely annoying to me (pay attention to this one)? How could I become more confident or kind (or else, you name it)? Questions like these sneak in our lives unexpectedly, disturbing our carefully planned routine, raising doubts about who we are. The journey towards finding the answers might be uncomfortable and scary. But you know what? Finding those answers could also empower and untame you.

I was practicing various writing techniques since my early 20’s, since I was studying psychology. Dream job in a corporate company, gap year in Canada, publishing my first novel also added great insights about human mind and its’ power. Yet moving to Iceland and becoming a mom encouraged me to share my knowledge with others. Practicing mindful writing helped me to acknowledge my strengths and also discover my “shadow”. And survive Icelandic winters, of course!

I’m inviting you to discover more about yourself in unique “Write it out” workshop. Not only each participant will have an opportunity to use their language of choice, but also the tasks and practices will be entirely individual, so everyone could feel free to keep their discoveries for themselves. You’ll find out:

  • What can you learn from your Past-Self;
  • How many different assets characterize your Present-Self, based on Jung’s personality theory;
  • A Future-Self you would like (and not) to meet.


Date: July 2nd, Thursday

Time: 18:00 – 20:30 (with two short breaks)

Place: Hversdagssafn – Museum of everyday life, Hafnarstræti 5

Language of a workshop: English

Facilitator: Greta Lietuvninkaitė-Šuscickė

Cost: 3000 isk; 2500 isk for students

Registration address: write.it.out.greta@gmail.com

What to bring: a notebook, a pen and again, an open mind!


Looking forward to see you!