Discover the magic in the mundane

Hversdagssafn – museum of everyday life has the main purpose of investigating the mundane and the common, finding the poetry that comes forward when no one is looking.

It’s a collection of local voices, memories and story fragments – nostalgic, humorous and thought provoking – curated in various interactive ways. It is local, as it gives a glimpse into people’s lives in the Westfjords, and it is universal since it touches on the things we all share. Everyday life is a little like dark matter, what happens in between significant moments in life and holds everything together. It’s meeting friends, having dinner, yelling at children, being yelled at, sulking. It’s walking between places, going to work, staying home, worrying, washing up, cutting vegetables. It is both random and routine.

Once you stop and look at it, the beauty of the mundane is revealed.

A great, cozy, informative and unique museum situated in the biggest town in the Westfjords, Isafjðrður I was amazed with the content of the museum and the idea itself of the museum. It was refreshing to see and hear everyday stories from locals and to get to know the region more from this museum. An absolute must for all those who should find themselves in the Westfjords. 🙂

Tripadvisor – zehraastrid Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Reviewed 3 September 2017


We saw a local ad describing this place, so stopped by; so glad we did! It is one of the most unique “museums” I have ever seen. A tiny former shoe store that describes, through three very unique displays, some typical approaches to life of some typical Icelandic folk. Fascinating, Heartwarming, Personal. One of the highlights of our Iceland trip!!

Tripadvisor – pjreastoregon La Grande, Oregon
Reviewed 25 September 2017